About Us

The name Mylk Bar hails from the early 1900’s delicatessens throughout Melbourne & Sydney. In those days, anything and everything could be purchased at Milk Bars – from the morning newspaper to oil for the family car.

In borrowing from this era, we aim to deliver the same remarkable experience in the areas of service, decor & product.

Introducing Mylk Bar!

Mylk Bar takes all your favourite old fast food treats and wraps them up in a vibrant new dining experience! One that promises everything from the classic Cheese Burger, BLT and Hotdog to Onion Rings, Crinkle cut chips or a mouth-watering side of Macaroni & Cheese.

But that’s just during daylight hours. At night, Mylk Bar comes alive again, transforming into a tapas and pizza venue that offers soulful food and cool live jazz. Influenced by Mediterranean flavours and using fresh local produce, the Mylk Bar chefs will create the ultimate relaxed shared-menu experience.

Mylk Bar’s homage to a bygone era extends beyond the rustic décor and venue fit out. We will also present our Tapas and Pizzas on old platters and wooden boards, with many drinks served in old milk bottles.

Owner Amin Ayoubi has created an unique space in the heart of the CBD, with black and white awnings and authentic wooden planter boxes giving passersby a taste of what lies behind the façade. Working with his team, Amin will offer diners a diverse and ever-changing menu which includes daily specials.

In addition, Mylk Bar boasts indoors and al fresco dining options. Inside, 60 metal stools have been meticulously upholstered to deliver rustic looks and supreme comfort.

While outside, there is plenty of high-bench seating in a semi-private location away from the hum. Both zones provide terrific options for private events, yet still allow patrons to tap into the casual communal revelry.

Experience old fashioned service with a modern twist!

Mylk Bar promises a magical dining experience. Vibrant chatter, corks popping, fish frying, chefs chopping, well-dressed waiters moving at lightning speed, delivering plates to tables of hungry patrons laughing, sharing and feeding off the energy of this exhilarating new venue.

Mylk Bar. Experience something brand new to Adelaide. We’ll see you soon!